Histon Independent Supporters Trust is an Affiliated Member of the Football Supporters Federation.



HIST are actively seeking a sponsor for this website due to increased costs. If you can help, either by a donation or offer of sponsorship, please contact the Trust  by email at enquiries@hist.org.uk. 

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Do you want a say in the running of your local football club?

The Histon Independent Supporters Society has been established to enable the fans of Histon FC to have a say in the running of their club, the society is entirely independent of the club and has been promised seats on the club’s board to represent the views of its members when this becomes viable. Membership of the society will allow you to vote on the many topics that face the club and will ensure that the club listens to what you, the fans say.

Reasons why you should consider joining HIST.

As a member of the Histon Independent Supporters Trust (HIST) you will be helping to secure the long-term future of Histon Football Club. Your membership will entitle you to;

  • Take advantage of HIST’s representation on the Board of Histon F C to directly express your views, feelings and suggestions.
  • Have direct input on how your contributions to HIST are spent.
  • Directly influence HIST policy and be privy to the Trust’s dealings.
  • Vote at Annual General Meetings of the Trust and participate in the election process.

HIST is a not-for-profit organisation registered under the FCA and run on a one member-one vote basis. All money raised will be passed to Histon FC and targeted to meet specific expenditure as chosen by HIST. Our aim was to obtain shares in the company and this has now been achieved and currently the Trust holds 200 shares. All members of HIST receive a £1 share in the Trust, a share certificate, membership card and lapel badge, plus direct influence in shaping the future of Histon Football Club. The key aims of HIST include promoting supporter involvement in influencing the decision-making process at Histon Football Club and to promote the club with a view to increasing the fan base and actively building positive relationships with the community. Some of our other objectives are;

  • To strengthen the bonds between Histon FC and the community which it serves and to represent the interests of the community in the running of the club.
  • To actively work in raising and controlling funds to assist with the long term future and sustainability of Histon FC at the highest level achievable.
  • To make a real and positive contribution to the development of younger players by working with existing established groups to nurture and promote local talent.
  • Read the full aims PDF  HISTAims

You can join now via our membership page, or please feel free to contact us at enquiries@hist.org.uk Full registered address for the Trust-: 24 Mill Lane,Impington,Cambs,CB24 9XN.


The Board of HIST has agreed to a request from Histon FC to take over the running of the monthly SOS Club. For those not familiar with this club, it is a monthly lottery whereby members make a contribution by Standing Order from as little as £5 to be in with a chance of winning one of the five monthly cash prizes from the £200 prize fund. In December the prize fund increases to £400! This club had also been known in previous years as the “200 Club”. If you would like further information or would like to add your name to the 93 current participants please email us, download the HIST SOS Standing Order 2014 form or contact Laurence Cullum on 07746 756987 to join.

July's Draw Winners.   1st Jerry Jones (8) £60. 2nd Anne Morton (2) £50. 3rd Tim Davies (3) £40. 4th Lynn Lawson (48) £30. 5th Steve Wells (117) £20.

August's Draw Winners.  1st Paul Collins (147) £60. 2nd Chris Monk (4) £50. 3rd Jez Downes (41) £40. 4th Paul Robinson (123) £30. 5th William Parker (131) £20.

New Prize levels coming soon-: 1st Prize £100, 2nd £60 and 3rd £40.



Southern League Division One Central.

FA Trophy Preliminary Round.

Match pics courtesy of Mark Hopkin.


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SCHOLARS - Under 18's.


Thurlow Nunn Youth League.

Cambridge Division.

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